Live Zestfully - Free From Brand Concept

Live Zestfully is a brand concept to liven up the free from food sector! Inspired by my sister who has food allergies and her boredom at shopping in the free from section, I set out to propose an exciting free from brand . .

The Free From food section needs a branding transformation, boring medical looking packaging leaves customers feeling like they are going to the pharmacy rather than purchasing a treat to enjoy. Market research shows customers feel like they are missing out in life, they feel they don’t get to enjoy food in the same way as others. 

Live Zestfully would be a Free From brand using the best ingredients from around the world with beautiful packaging inspired by the world’s favourite destinations! A brand image inspired by travel, adventure, and beautiful places. Starting with lemon products using Amalfi lemons, Live Zestfully would showcase top quality lemon produce, including Amalfi lemon shortbread (pictured here), Free From Amalfi Lemon Sorbet and Amalfi Lemon Madeline’s.

Live Zestfully would be a brand of ‘living life to the full’ enabling free from foodies to fully enjoy their food- one of the simple but great pleasures in life! If you would like to find out more about this concept, please get in touch.

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