Take a look through my style guide to see just some of the beautiful styles I illustrate in.

From watercolours to printmaking to ink drawings and digital illustration.

Granola Eco packaging design concept, illustration  style guide.jpg
watercolour food illustration by Jenny Daymond, style guide.jpg
watercolour food and watercolour buildings and watercolour flowers illustration by jenny d
children's activity book idea, nature illustrations and book design by Jenny Daymond, Daym
coffee paintings for packaging design and food illustration by Jenny Daymond, Daymond desi
tiger illustration with printmaking textures and patterns inspired by India by Jenny Daymo
Daymond Design style guide brochure, surface pattern by Jenny Daymond.jpg
illustration style guide by Daymon Design, packaging illustration by Jenny Daymond Illustr

Thank you for looking at my style Guide.


If you are searching for a specific illustration style, please get in touch and I will be happy to chat through with you.