Intricate Ink Line Drawings

Detailed contouring line drawings for buildings, close-up objects, food, garden & lifestyle subjects.

photo of me drawing, london line drawing near st Pauls.jpg

London town house buildings, near St. Pauls

These wonky line drawings have a lovely lively expressive feel, the intricate wiggly lines work well for images which are busy; busy streets, buildings, overgrown gardens and flowers and crowded pantry shelves.

Wildflowers line drawings

The expressive nature of my fine liner drawing is perfect for jungly plants and overgrown wildflower meadows, the overlapping lines are delicate and free. This also works well as an intricate pattern on packaging- see my Wildflower Shampoo packaging design.

beets, beetroot, wonky veg B&W line drawing food illustraton, Jenny Daymond Design and illustration
Carrots wonky veg B&W line drawing food illustraton, Jenny Daymond Design and illustration

Organic B&W ink food illustrations

I vary the weight of my line drawings depending on what is appropriate for the project. These organic looking

vegetables are striking in this slightly thicker line, great to add style to a recipe book or garden and lifestyle book or eye catching hand-drawn packaging illustration.

overgrown greenhouse and garden, plants and garden illustration for lifestyle publishing, plant pots illustration, Jenny Daymond Design and illustration
garden shed plant pots line drawing in B&W fine liner pen and ink, home andlifestyle illustraton, gardens illustration, Jenny Daymon Design and Illustration

Fine line garden illustrations, greenhouse and potting shed

I can also vary the depth and darkness of the line drawing, shown here in these contrasting drawings. My delicately drawn line style captures the overgrown, homely and earthy feel of these garden spaces and leads the viewer into a narrative. This is perfect for adding extra interest to a garden or lifestyle book to capture atmosphere.