Children's Character Design & Stories

children's characters for publishing, packaging and giftware

A small selection of some of my lovely children's characters and story excerpts. I create these characters using various methods of traditional illustration in watercolour and pencil crayon as well as digital painting and collage in Photoshop. These cute animal and people characters are all from stories I've written. My children's illustration is also perfect for children's products, packaging and giftware. Please contact me about licensing and designing characters for products and packaging. To see learn more about the illustration styles I offer visit my Style Guide.

Penguin Character Design

Penguin in watercolour and pencil crayon. 

penguin character design and illustration, kid lit, children's book characters, cute penguin charater illustration, Jenny Daymond Design and illustration

Edmund the Elephant

double page excerpt from children's book idea

Elephant children's book character and illustration by Jenny Daymond Design and illustration
boy gardener outdoor character with ginger hair and a big head illutration, character design, boy looking for bugs, kid lit, children's book characters, Jenny Daymond Design and illustration

Boy Character

In watercolour and pencil crayon. I love to put my characters in woolly 


The Princess and the Pea

Double page excerpt from my version of the well known tale of The Princess and the Pea. Created in watercolour and pencil crayon, with digital collage and drawing in Photoshop. 

Princess and the Pea fairy tale illustration and princess characte, Princess and the Pea bed illustraton, Princess andth pea story by Jenny Daymond Design and Illustration